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Ates IT Solutions and Consultancy will provide solutions to its clients on application architecture design consultancy,Call Center Genesys Framework Support, IVR/IVN development and UCS product sales activities.

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Ates IT Solutions and Consultancy aims to become a well-known and trusted software development company in the United Kingdom.

Ates IT Solutions is a strategic outsourced IT support provider specialising in end-to-end IT services across the UK and all globe. All our services are split into 2 key areas, 'IT Support Services' and 'Advanced Technology Services.'

Our partners of IT services are designed with our customer's needs in mind, providing them with an efficient, flexible and affordable solution to their IT requirements.

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Ates IT Solutions and Consultancy targets to be an active player in software development consultancy.

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As a Genesys Consultant, Ates IT Solutions and Consultancy has successfully completed significant projects such as “INGBank IVR Infrastructure Improvement with Genesys GVP”, “INGBank Call Center Banking SMART Agent Desktop Application’”, “ADA-Agent Desktop Application with Genesys IWS”, “QNB Finansbank IVR”, “Vakifbank Genesys IVR Integration”, “EnPara.com Branchless Banking” by using waterfall and agile methodologies.

Software Consultant
ING Bank Turkey

They trust us every single day

Barış B.

I can describe Tahsin ATES as one of the most skilled developers in contact centre business. I have known Tahsin ATES for 7 years. I met Tahsin when he was working for Finansbank's IVR development project and later on work as a teammate for Vakifbank and Akbank IVR projects as well.Tahsin was always willing to offer his assistance and has great manner for handling tough situations.[See More at LinkedIn]

Application Developer/Genesys Consultant at NCR Corporation
Yavuz K.

We worked with Tahsin at Finansbank and Vakifbank IVR project. I strongly recommend Tahsin because he is really disciplined and hardworking person. He is also very kind. Wherever he works, that office will be more efficient and more enjoyable.

Software and Application Support Consultant at NCR Corporation
Hakan Özgün I.

I know Tahsin for long years, we worked with him at Vakıfbank and Finansbank IVR projects together. He has been working on Genesys solutions for years and he is one of the most Genesys certified people in Turkey. Because of his self-discipline on work and responsibility to his team members are making him an indispensable person for a working environment.[See More at LinkedIn]

Software and Application Support Consultant at NCR Corporation
Ahmet Gökalp E.

I know Tahsin for years,

He is eager to learn, hardworking and he has an excellent personality.His self-motivation makes him excel in the new technologies.

Besides his technical expertise, Tahsin is a very kind and friendly person. Thanks to his strong communication skills, sense of humour and humanitarian personality, he can easily adapt to and develop strong relations with any team.

Director at Unified Communication Solutions Turkey
Tuna E.

I met Tahsin in 2009, since then we have worked together in many successful Genesys Contact Center projects, especially large-scale Genesys IVR development. He is a versatile team player and eager to learn who continuously enhance his experience in Genesys Platform. I can give credit for his deep Genesys Outbound, SIP, GVP and IVR knowledge. It is always a pleasure to work with him.

Sales Engineer at Avaya
Zafer T.

Tahsin is always a hard-working professional even though the most challenging and deadline critical projects are assigned. He is very qualified in his expertise area and always open to continuous learning and improving skills that he had. Being open-minded, he can support his teammates and also he is in good cooperation with them to achieve common targets.[See More at LinkedIn]

CTO at Ketchup Loyalty Marketing Agency
Begüm Ö.

I would highly recommend Tahsin. He is very intelligent, hard working and knowledgeable. He is also a very good team player. I believe that he can be successful in many capacities; application programming, managing IT projects and consulting.

Project Manager at NCR Corporation
Mazlum T.

We worked with Tahsin at Finansbank IVR project that transforms IVR product with a new technology into customer-oriented service.

He is always self-disciplined and hardworking. Tahsin is very open-minded in his work and he is very successful in communicating her ideas to both team and customer.[See More at LinkedIn]

Application Development Consultant at Unified Communication Solutions Turkey
Bilge Y.

“Efficiency” and “Hardworking Team Player” are the phrases that come to my mind when I think about Tahsin. It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Tahsin. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Tahsin for years, both during we worked together at IBTech and after where we come across different projects in the market. [See More at LinkedIn]

Principal Solutions Engineer at Genesys
Berktan B.

Tahsin has a very positive attitude and can easily fit in any multi-cultural environment. He has worked with many Genesys solutions and has a vast experience on voice and desktop projects. We started working in the same company when he was a junior outsourced developer and continued working together when he was on the partner and customer sides. [See More at LinkedIn]

Principal Solution Consultant at Genesys
Seda Ş.

Tahsin is one of the best colleagues that you can ever meet and worked with. He is a quite good team player and gives you different perspectives about the solution of every problem that you can come up with in the projects that you work together. He has an analytical and creative mind and thorough knowledge on the development of IVR/IVN applications in banking. [See More at LinkedIn]

CRM Strategic Infrastructure Projects Manager at Akbank
Bülent Ç.

Since the beginning of our collaboration, I know him as a creative, proactive and problem-solver person. Tahsin carries out his tasks as a team member. He knows his part in the team and how to communicate with each colleague to obtain a greater result. It is satisfying to be able to give him my highest recommendation. I hope this information proves helpful.

Senior Business Consultant at ING Bank Turkey
Melih Ö.

Perfect person and quality good job. Highly recommended.

[See More at Facebook]

Foreign Trade Manager at BIL-KON BOBIN
Mehmet K.

Love the prices they have offered, and all themselves stuff they get all the time and workers are really helpful. Satisfied !

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